DR PRO-62V String Trimmer

Dr Pro-62v String Trimmer

$30.69 Ex Tax: $30.69
- 41413
Price: $30.69
Our 62-Volt String Trimmer brings the power of gas without the fumes or the noise. The variable spee..
8" (20 cm) Cordless Trimmer (51467)

8" (20 Cm) Cordless Trimmer (51467)

$20.10 Ex Tax: $20.10
TORO - 51467
Price: $20.10
(P)Toro's 8" cordless trimmer has a sleek design leading to improved balance, ease of use and lighte..
22" Electric Hedge Trimmer (51490)

22" Electric Hedge Trimmer (51490)

$15.29 Ex Tax: $15.29
TORO - 51490
Price: $15.29
(P)Toro's powerful 4 amp corded hedge trimmer is designed to get the job done faster and easier. Erg..
T235 Trimmer

T235 Trimmer

$7.54 Ex Tax: $7.54
Price: $7.54
Fuel efficient, entry-level trimmer. (BR) on LAWN AND GARDEN..
Sun Joe SJH904E Multi-Angle Telescoping Convertible Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer  19-Inch 4.5 -Amp

Sun Joe Sjh904e Multi-angle Telescoping Convertible Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer 19-inch 4.5 -amp

$72.56 Ex Tax: $72.56
Snow Joe - SJH904E
Price: $72.56
(P)(B)Give your tallest hedges clean cut-edges with SUN JOE. (/B)Is your yard out of shape? Is your ..
PowerPlex 40V MAX* 14" (35.56 cm) Brushless String Trimmer (51482)

Powerplex 40v Max* 14" (35.56 Cm) Brushless String Trimmer (51482)

$21.13 Ex Tax: $21.13
TORO - 51482
Price: $21.13
(P)Designed for homeowners with more work to do than time to get it done; homeowners who appreciate ..
Grass Trimmer

Grass Trimmer

$20.10 Ex Tax: $20.10
Black & Decker - 39652
Price: $20.10
(P)Modeled after the real thing, when you squeeze the trigger on the Grass Trimmer the beads swirl a..
Electric String Trimmers

Electric String Trimmers

$172.99 Ex Tax: $172.99
SNAPPER - 1687970
Price: $172.99
String trimming is made easy with this cordless Snapper HD string trimmer, powered by a Briggs & Str..
Alligator(R) Lopper

Alligator(r) Lopper

$70.53 Ex Tax: $70.53
Black & Decker - LP1000
Price: $70.53
(P)Cutting branches and logs is effortless with the electric Alligator(R) garden lopper. Cuts wood u..
A bike-handle trimmer ideal for challenging cutting locations, like in ditches or around ponds.

A Bike-handle Trimmer Ideal For Challenging Cutting Locations, Like In Ditches Or Around Ponds.

$3.77 Ex Tax: $3.77
Price: $3.77
(P)The STIHL FS 240 is a heavy-duty professional trimmer that combines a rugged design with the vers..
82-Volt Max* Lithium-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer

82-volt Max* Lithium-ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer

$110.53 Ex Tax: $110.53
SNAPPER - 1760266
Price: $110.53
With extra durability, the Snapper (R) XD 82V Max* Cordless Hedge Trimmer powered by a 2Ah, 4Ah or 5..
60-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer

60-volt Max Lithium-ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer

$290.99 Ex Tax: $290.99
SNAPPER - 1760265
Price: $290.99
(P)The 60V Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer powered by a Briggs & Stratton Battery makes trimm..
6.5 Amp 14 in. Trimmer/Edger

6.5 Amp 14 In. Trimmer/edger

$49.00 Ex Tax: $49.00
Black & Decker - GH900
Price: $49.00
(P)Lightweight and ergonomic, this electric string trimmer and edger can take on even the tough weed..
4.4 Amp 13 in. 2-in-1 Trimmer/Edger

4.4 Amp 13 In. 2-in-1 Trimmer/edger

$35.76 Ex Tax: $35.76
Black & Decker - ST7700
Price: $35.76
(P)Give your lawn a manicured look with a 2-in-1 trimmer/edger with the power to tackle tough weeks,..
24 in. Hedge Trimmer with Rotating Handle

24 In. Hedge Trimmer With Rotating Handle

$69.00 Ex Tax: $69.00
Black & Decker - HH2455
Price: $69.00
(P)With a 180-degree rotating handle, this 24-inch hedge trimmer can tackle tough overgrowth when tr..